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A forum for discussion about the latest incident

Posted: December 13th, 2020, 10:43 pm
by GameFAQSAggie
Some people want to move on from this latest incident, while others want to speculate on Cockett, the players, Frank, etc. So I think a separate forum should be made to talk about who you think was right or wrong, what you think the players, Cockett, or Frank could have or should have done differently, new developments, who you blame, etc. while leaving the main forum for actual sports talk. I do remember for instance when the Atlanta Falcons had Michael Vick in trouble, they created a forum for talking about his legal issues there cause posts about that took up space on the main forum.

I also remember on the old site, people were so sick of talking about basketball scheduling that creating a separate forum for that was suggested for years, then they finally gave in and created a forum for that, but then there wouldn't be any threads about scheduling cause people who hated talking about it didn't respond and they wouldn't go anywhere.