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Post by AGinNEIowa » August 10th, 2019, 4:53 pm

2019 Pick’em Kick-Off Competition

All 75 picks and tiebreakers are due before sixth kick-off, SUNDAY 01 Sept at 6 pm MST.

Preferred Entry method - Enter your Picks on GOOGLE DOCS, KICKOFF PICK'EM. (Games entered here will periodically be transferred to my official spreadsheet for tracking purposes. If you make changes before the deadline, please notify me via PM on this website, so you get credit for the changes)

Secondary Entry method - reply to this thread with each game winner. This season, to save my time, I will not be typing up the matchups in the thread.

PLEASE NOTE : There are 5 Games which kickoff before the picks deadline - I will leave the entries open until the 6th game's kickoff, but anything submitted after a game's KICKOFF will be scored as an incorrect pick.

Rankings are the Coaches Poll, August 2019 - known times noted as MT, I think I have noted all of the neutral-site games.

TIEBREAKERS - Total losses for each of these teams after Conference Championship Weekend and USU Total Points Scored (including MWCCG)
1- ACC- #1 Clemson
2- Big 10 - #5 Ohio State
3- Big 12 - #4 Oklahoma
4- PAC - #12 Washington
5- SEC - #2 Alabama
6- Indy - #9 Notre Dame
7- Utah State Points Scored in all games

Example - if you think Ohio State and Oklahoma will enter the Conference Championship weekend as the only 2 undefeated teams, then your Tiebreaker could look something like this (since 1976, only 6 teams ranked as the AP preseason #1 have finished #1 - before Alabama in 2018, the prior one was Southern California in 2004)
1- Clemson - 2
2- Ohio State- 0
3- Oklahoma- 0
4- Washington- 1
5- Alabama- 1
6- Notre dame - 2
7- USU- 375 (2009 was 349, 2010 was 264, 2011 was 414, 2012 was 413, 2013 was 431, 2014 was 390, 2015 was 356, 2016 was 287, 2017 was 372, 2018 was 566)


Enter your Picks on GOOGLE DOCS
BOWLS Entry Sheet

WEEK 15 Entry with results

WEEKLY & WTHCG Standings Congrats to winners - Aggies22 Weekly, bigblue WTHCG

KICKOFF Standings & Summary Congrats to winner - NHAGGIE!

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Post by OKAggie » August 18th, 2019, 10:04 pm

As last year, the winners of AGinNEIowa's Pick'em Kickoff and Season Pick'em contests will each receive $50 from the OKAggie Foundation (me) to contribute to the Big Blue Scholarship Fund or the Merlin Olsen Fund (on your honor -- I tried to make a contribution in the winner's name last season and they weren't sure how to process it).

Thanks to AGinNEIowa for doing this yet again. Good luck, enjoy the contest, and GO AGGIES!!!

Nobody here knows anything.

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