Gameday in Logan

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Gameday in Logan

Post by TheAKAggie » November 17th, 2018, 4:28 pm

Getting to Steiny’s right before kickoff and the place was dead. Either someone was on break or hadn’t shown up yet because the service was slow. About 12:30 more staff showed up, but more patrons as well. Poor Luke was running around filling dollar drafts and getting people their Diet Cokes. Had the wings, naked, with Sauce on the side. Much better with sauce on the side as I think they toss them with hickory as well. No bueno. Service was still a little slow, but it was still the second quarter, no big deal. Then we had the fried ravioli. I am sure they are just freezer ravioli from US Foods or something, but they were delicious. Diet coke’s keep flowing. Ordered a burger at the start of halftime and it showed up just in time for the second half kick. The Steiny Birger is the way to go, double cheese on a warm bun. Fries were crisp and hot, good fry sauce. I cut myself off from Dirt Coke’s and switched to water, great choice. Ended the day with a stop at Swig’s between quarters to grab cookies for the table-mates I was with. Great choice. Coconut chocolate chip cookie was great. Left Luke over 20% because though service was a bit slow, the kid was hustling the whole time.

Oh yeah, 1-0.

Hail Aggies!

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Re: Gameday in Logan

Post by Jjoey53 » November 17th, 2018, 5:02 pm

Have not been there yet. Sounds like a good place to catch a game. If the service is a bit slow during a football game, not a big deal.

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