Possible Depth Chart for the new 4-3 Defense

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Possible Depth Chart for the new 4-3 Defense

Post by ROLLEOVERHORDEMAN » February 7th, 2019, 4:32 pm

DE 91 Anderson SR
24 Baker SR
95 Tambe JR
46 Bredsguard FR

DT 96 Unga SR
92 Motu'apuaka FR
90 Fata JR

DT 44 Leilua SR
94 Andersen JR
52 Faamafoe FR

DE 99 Uasike JR
93 Wildman SR
97 Pitcher JR
98 Rice Fr

LB 10 Galea'I SR
43 Matagi FR
53 Harris SR
41 Shelton FR
42 Neves FR

LB 9 Wooodward JR
5 Lavalle FR
33 Meitzenheimer JR
48 Willingham FR
54 Munoz JR

LB 39 Magalei SO
51 Tei Jr
34 Langi Fr
45 Medina FR
19 Thompson FR

CB 2 Ingram JR
6 Haney SR
14 Jackson SO
36 Nash Fr
27 Harris FR

S 20 Gilliam JR
3 Lefeged JR
26 Nelson So
32 Gunther So

S 15 Gajkowski JR
25 Bond JR
38 Dawson SO
22 Tatum FR
31 Parker SR

CB 7 Williams SR
23 Griffin-Taylor FR
37 Green FR
28 Anyanwu FR
30 Grayson SO

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Re: Possible Depth Chart for the new 4-3 Defense

Post by BustaMcNutt » February 7th, 2019, 5:46 pm

To clarify from last night, Gary didn't say that we were switching to a 4 man front. He did say we would see some of it because he thinks we have some depth on the line. But I didn't get the feeling that we were switching over completely.

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Re: Possible Depth Chart for the new 4-3 Defense

Post by hickaggie » February 7th, 2019, 6:16 pm

As long as we have Tipa a traditional full time 4 man front is a mistake. However with LSU, SDSU, AFA, and Wyoming on the schedule the depth and De athleticism to add a tackle is critical.

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Re: Possible Depth Chart for the new 4-3 Defense

Post by USU78 » February 7th, 2019, 6:22 pm

Think AFA and UNM. Gary's DC put four actual linemen on the line in those kinds of games, including the first couple of seasons under Wells. To great effect.

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Re: Possible Depth Chart for the new 4-3 Defense

Post by USUBlue » February 7th, 2019, 10:23 pm

Gary is a 3-4 type of defensive coach. As ‘78 said, I think you’ll only see four-man fronts against option type running teams.

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Re: Possible Depth Chart for the new 4-3 Defense

Post by aggies22 » February 8th, 2019, 7:25 am

At the luncheon thing in Logan, Ena said that they will be a man coverage team. That is why they went out and got so many defensive backs. He went on to say a man coverage guy CAN play zone if you need him too. A zone coverage guy CAN NOT play man. We probably have some defensive backs that either need to get better in a hurry or we'll find them in the transfer portal.

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Re: Possible Depth Chart for the new 4-3 Defense

Post by GeoAg » February 8th, 2019, 10:52 am

Uasike will not be a DE in a 4-3, only in a 3-4. Tipa would more likely play DE in a 4-3 alignment rather than LB.

I too think we will see 3-4 as the main base D most of the time. I also think Lavalle will be a starter at one of the LB positions in both even and odd fronts.

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Re: Possible Depth Chart for the new 4-3 Defense

Post by slcagg » February 9th, 2019, 6:21 am

Again good stuff hordeman. A few thoughts:

1. I feel like our best defensive ends in a 4-3 would be Baker, Tipa, and Lee. I don’t know if we have many typical 4-3 ends.
2. I don’t foresee Matagi being 2nd string.
3. I see Tei as a starter.
4. Langi is a middle linebacker.
5. Metzenheimer has a lot of experience. I think he will be higher on the depth chart. If we are in a 3-4 I could see him, Woodward, LaValle and Matagi or tei as the top 4. The other of tei or Matagi being on the outside.
6. Excited for our true freshman linebackers. Thompson, Willingham, LaValle (he seems older) and neves could be a really good group down the road.
7. As long as he is healthy, there is no way that Bond doesn’t start.
8. Grayson is not last on the depth chart. I know some of you are down on him, but he was a freshman last year. Gotta remember out of spring ball he was a starter. I think he will continue to improve.
9. Is Lawson actually on the roster? I thought for sure he would get some pt last year.
10. If I were to take a stab at a 3-4 defense starting lineup. I'd say Leilua, Unga and Anderson on the line. Tei, Metzenheimer, Woodward, and Tipa at linebacker. Williams and Ingram at corner. Baron and Shaq at safety. If you ask me that is an elite defense. Woodward and Tipa are two of the top defensive players in the conference. Plenty of other guys are possible all league talent. I look at the defensive backs and they are all possible all-conference type guys. The same could be said about the dline. Good group of seniors on the dline.

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Re: Possible Depth Chart for the new 4-3 Defense

Post by Blitz79 » February 9th, 2019, 10:18 am

I agree with most of what slagg is saying. Against traditional offenses and on a 4-3 defense Tipa would be a DE. Who knows what they're planning on playing though. I think Gilliam would start at the other safety spot over Baron.

Will they keep playing a safety as the 4th LB? Probably not. I don't think as of right know any of our corners are all-conference type. Maybe Williams but he needs to improve some as well.

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Re: Possible Depth Chart for the new 4-3 Defense

Post by AggiesForever » February 9th, 2019, 12:21 pm

Gary also said last night that Tipa needs to put on 20-25 pounds right away, and I couldn't agree more. His frame is big enough to carry it without any cost in speed. If he wants to play in the NFL he needs to be at least 250 or he'll get grabbed by very quick pro 300 pound+ offensive tackles and held at the line. Two of the best offensive tackles in the NFL play for my Green Bay Packers and they're both big and fast-- David Bakhtiari and Brian Bulaga, who weight 310 and 315 respectively. They're quick on their feet and handle speed rushers every week. Tipa needs to get bigger to have the strength to fight them off, and I think its one of the reasons he was advised to NOT got to the NFL this year.

Aaron Donald is the best defensive end in pro football and weighs 280. He got totally handled by the Patriots defensive line of LT Trent Brown (6-8 380), LG Joe Thuney (6-5, 308) and Center David Andrews (6-3. 300). So Tipa needs to put on some beef.

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Re: Possible Depth Chart for the new 4-3 Defense

Post by bullshot » February 9th, 2019, 4:08 pm

I think one of the JC d-backs starts out, probably for Bond as he may still be healing up in Sept.

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