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Might sound crazy but BBD Stats aint no lie (Week 6, Baby, Bye, Bye, Bye)

Posted: October 5th, 2021, 2:02 pm
by BigBlueDart
No opponent stats this week. And no prediction, since there is no game. Nevertheless, I thought I'd throw this out there this week to hold us over a bit. Last week's BBD BS Prediction was decently close for the Cougars, but fell dramatically short for our performance, particularly with regards to rushing:

USU - 27.55 (20) (212.80 (22) rush, 335.51 (314) pass, 548.31 (336) total)
BYU - 29.77 (34) (187.48 (221) rush, 289.46 (245) pass, 476.94 (466) total)

On offense our relative performance for scoring and passing held pat, but our rushing game dropped off dramatically (22 yards!?), and so did this metric, along with a hit to our total O. And, with as much as folks are complaining about our D, things mostly stayed the same their, too. Rushing D got worse, but Pass D got better, as those two often move in tandem that way. Total defense is still looking about the same. The notable exception to all that is scoring D, which for the first time this season has gone red. As always, numbers don't tell the whole story, but what they do seem to be telling us right now is that our D was just as sucky against BYU as it has been all year.

Score O: 29.2 Avg; 20.7 Opp. D; 8.5 ppg better; 41.34%
Rush O: 175.2 Avg; 139.3 Opp. D; 35.9 ypg better; 25.81%
Pass O: 318.6 Avg; 221.4 Opp. D; 97.2 ypg better; 43.88%
Total O: 493.8 Avg; 360.7 Opp. D; 133.1 ypg better; 36.90%
Score D: 30.6 Avg; 29.2 Opp. O; -1.4 ppg worse; -4.83%
Rush D: 204.0 Avg; 180.1 Opp. O; -23.9 ypg worse; -13.26%
Pass D: 259.8 Avg; 216.1 Opp. O; -43.7 ypg worse; -20.23%
Total D: 463.8 Avg; 396.2 Opp. O; -67.6 ypg worse; -17.06%

Category Rankings

Score O: USU-1st
Rush O: USU-4th
Pass O: USU-1st
Total O: USU-1st

Score D: USU-12th
Rush D: USU-11th
Pass D: USU-11th
Total D: USU-12th

Overall Rankings

1. Air Force (+97.69%)
2. USU (+56.34%)
3. SDSU (+55.82%)
4. Colorado St (+53.05%)
5. Fresno St (+51.57%)
6. Boise St (+50.40%)
7. Wyoming (+28.21%)
8. Nevada (+22.91%)
9. Hawai'i (+4.44%)
10. UNLV (-5.18%)
11. SJSU (-18.12%)
12. New Mexico (-38.08%)

(FYI, I am also losing trust in my method of ranking. Gonna think about that one...)