I wonder How Mike Price would have been

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I wonder How Mike Price would have been

Post by troutputz » December 13th, 2010, 12:13 am

Coaching at Utah State? At one time, when he was looking to move up from Coaching at Weber State, he was interested in the Utah State Job I believe about the time we hired Chuck Shelton. Someone correct me on the time table if I am off, but I remembeer he wanted the Aggie job and we did not look at him. I think he has been a good coach. Washington State has never had such a good coach since Price and a long time before. Price got greedy and out of control at Alabama and we all remember that mess he got into. At Utep he has had some good years and not so good...UTEP is a hard place to recruit to for football in my opinion. I mean El Paso.....not a very pleasing place or friendly. And just over the border in Juarez, we all know about that Mexican mafia-drug-lord infested place! I just wonder sometimes how certain coaches would have done had we given them the time of day here? And why we hired Arslanian I will never know. He was no where's near what Price was at Weber State.
Who was our other candidates besides Arlainian at that time? Who would we go after if GA left? I hope it doesn't happen, but someday it might? Only if he coaches us into an 8-4 record and bowl game though!

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Re: I wonder How Mike Price would have been

Post by NVAggie » December 13th, 2010, 7:59 am

Looking at how much we pay our coaches I am surprised we can get anyone to show up to coach our team. We don't pay squat compared to the rest of the NCAA. I hope this is something we can remedy.

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