Aggie Football/Basketball success this season

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Aggie Football/Basketball success this season

Post by FormerlyVegasAggie71 » February 6th, 2019, 6:05 pm

Is (or will) the 2018 football season and the '18'-'19 the most successful combined seasons between the two main sports? I know there is still plenty of basketball to be played, but given success so far and expectation that we will continue to play well combined with how well the football team performed this past season, is this the best it has ever been with respect to having both programs perform well in the same season?

Eustachy and Stew's best teams coincided with awful Aggie football; as Gary rebuilt the football program, the basketball team was on a quick decline. Wells initial sustained success also was up matched up against a continued decline in basketball.

The only recent years that might compare to this year is 2011 or 2012. The '11-12 football team went 7-6 but you could sense something special was being built, and that year also had the excitement of making a deep run in a basketball postseason tourney (albeit the CIT); or 2012, when the '12-13 basketball team went 21-10 (in a bad WAC conference) and lost first round of conference tourney, but the football team went 11-2.

This years football team went 11-2 and with the basketball team already at 18-5 and likely to easily surpass most recent teams success in a tougher conference (which I admit the MWC is down this year), I think this will be best year ever for combined success.

It's a great time to be an Aggie fan.

Caveat: My knowledge of Aggie history dates back to the late 80s, so I'm sure it's possible there were great football teams that aligned with great basketball teams in previous decades, but this is as good as it's been in my lifetime.
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Re: Aggie Football/Basketball success this season

Post by ChicAggie » February 6th, 2019, 9:59 pm

Probably a very strong argument that we are witnessing the confluence of the two combined strongest teams during the few decades of my fandom (since the 1979-80 season).

Other contenders are one of the seasons you identified (the '11-'12 basketball team/2012 football team) and the '79-'80 basketball team that went 18-9 overall and 11-2 in the PCAA and the '79 football team that went 8-2-1. The basketball team that season went 0-2 against 13th-ranked and 24-5 BYUP (with four future NBA players - Ainge, Kite, Roberts, and Durrant), but fell by only one in Provo; 1-1 against 18-10 Utah (with 3 future NBA players - Chambers, Vranes, and Mannion); 1-1 against 26-3 Weber State (who also beat Utah, Michigan State, and UNLV); and lost by only 1 to 26-9 Clemson (with future NBA players Larry Nance and Mitchell Wiggins) in the first round of the NCAA tourney. The football team that season included Aggie legends Eric Hipple, Rick Parros, James "Magic Fingers" Murphy, Rulon Jones, and Guy McLure. Though the team lost three games (to BYUP, Arizona State, and Nebraska), the loss to ASU was later vacated by the NCAA. Back in those days, there were far fewer bowls, so the Ags did not go bowling. Though that was my first season following the Ags and I have great memories of that team, the team was simply not as competitive against the top-tier programs as the Aggie footballers were this past season: they lost by 21 to Nebraska, 24 to BYUP, and 14 to ASU.

Before that, the Ags had a pretty damned good run from the '59-'60 to '63-'64 seasons in basketball (with four very good seasons and only one misstep mixed in) while the football teams from '60, '61, '62, and '63 were arguably the best in Aggie history post WWII.

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