Scout Team Stars

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Scout Team Stars

Post by OrangeCountyAggie » December 23rd, 2019, 7:06 pm

Question for any of the b-ball insiders on this board: How are McChesney, Anthony, and Bishoff looking in practice? Are any of the three impact players next season? I remember during a (pre-season) interview, coach Smith said that McChesney's game reminded him (somewhat) of Kevin Durrant - a 6'10 guy with a smooth jump shot. I think he averaged like 35 points per game in high school and was the highest-rated recruit out of Canada last year (and one of our highest-rated recruits ever). I'm excited about his potential.

On one of the recent "Behind the Bull" podcasts, assistant coach Peterson mentioned that Anthony is making significant progress with his jump shot and pushes Sam Merril in practice with his defensive tenacity. I haven't heard anything about Bishoff.

Does anyone have any further info on them? Also curious who you guys think will lead us in scoring next year (assuming Queta leaves for the NBA). Bean? Anderson? McChesney or Barristow?

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Re: Scout Team Stars

Post by AggieFBObsession » December 24th, 2019, 2:28 am

My guess for scoring leader would be Anderson without knowing enough about Anthony.

Mcchesney has been talked about by Scotty as one of the practice standouts who "has a good feel for the game".

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Re: Scout Team Stars

Post by Roy McAvoy » December 24th, 2019, 8:30 am

I haven't heard anything for a while. But here's what I have heard previously:

Anthony is a standout player and very athletic. He can effectively play positions 1-4. His outside shot struggled, but based off Coach Peterson's comment it sounds like he's improving there.

McChesney is a pure shooter. His shot looks so smooth. He just needs time to get acquainted to D1 and obviously needs to gain some weight/muscle.

Bischoff surprised the staff with just how good of a shooter he actually was. They chose to redshirt him because they believe he can and will actually be a solid contributor. He's not just some walk on riding the bench. He can flat out shoot the ball and will see the floor.
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