Sports Firsts

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Sports Firsts

Post by Imakeitrain » October 26th, 2021, 7:05 pm

With the start of the fall classic, it had me wondering What were your first games?

MLB: A’s vs O’s Camden yards in the 90s.. Jason Giambi/ Mark McGwire. I remember Giambi. I wish I was more aware of McGwire

NHL: Caps vs Whalers in the old USAir Arena. Bondra had a hatty and Konowalchuck (the 1st Utahn in the NHL) scored the winner in sudden death.

NFL: Redskins Patriots in 2019 at FedEx Field

MLS: DC United (I don’t remember the opponent) (edit: DC United vs Tampa Bay Mutiny)

NBA: Jazz vs T- Wolves in 2011

USU Football: vs UNLV
USU Hoops: vs EA Sports
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Sports Firsts

Post by WAAggie » October 26th, 2021, 8:08 pm

Fenway - 1987

Seahawks inaugural game new stadium ?

Utah Stars zelmo Beatty/Ron Boone

Jazz - dr j and chocolate thunder salt palace.

Vancouver Canucks Vancouver BC

College bball Weber state with Willy sojourner (sp)

College fball Romney 1st game, 1978

Nhra drags, Kent WA 3 miles from my home.

No soccer

NCAA World Series final game Omaha Nebraska 2016

Btw, this was a fun process to recall events. . Still Remember meadowlark lemon and Curley Neil at Weber gym also.

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Re: Sports Firsts

Post by MarioWest » October 26th, 2021, 9:13 pm

NCAA Baseball: Liberty @ Ga Tech 1991 or 1992? (When Garciaparra and Varitek were at GT)
MLB: Rockies @ Braves 1993
NCAAF: Maryland @ Ga Tech Sept 30, 1999
NHL: One of the first Thrashers games in 1999
NBA: Sixers @ Hawks Dec 11, 2001
NFL: Ravens @ Falcons Nov 11, 2010 (still the only NFL game I’ve been to and I snuck in)
NCAAB: Utah St @ La Tech Jan 8, 2009

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Re: Sports Firsts

Post by AGinNEIowa » October 27th, 2021, 6:53 am

MLB- mid-late 70's Monday Night Baseball -Rangers at A's
NBA- mid-late 70's at Oakland -may have been NO Jazz? I think we saw Maravich and his underhand foulshot
NCAA FB- Mid 80's at Lavell Edwards Stadium -can't remember who
NCAA BB- early January 1992 at the DGSS, can't remember the opponent
Indy Racing League 2009 at Iowa Speedway

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Re: Sports Firsts

Post by swordsman1989 » October 27th, 2021, 7:36 am

MLB - Astrodome in fall 1977. Astros vs. Dodgers.
NCAA FB - Memorial Field in Hanover, NH - Dartmouth vs. Holy Cross in 1981.
NCAA Ice Hockey - Thompson Arena, Hanover, NH - Dartmouth vs. Vermont in 1982.
NCAA BB - USU vs can't remember (I think Simon Frasier) in November 1989.
Professional Soccer - Brøndby, Denmark - Brøndby IF vs Vejle BK in 2018.

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Re: Sports Firsts

Post by AggieFBObsession » October 27th, 2021, 8:15 am

NBA: Utah Jazz vs Houston Rockets in the Salt Palace in the 80s
MLB: Dodgers vs ??? in the 80s with Steve Sax
NCAA Football: Utah State vs ??? in the 80s with Kendal Smith
NCAA Basketball: Utah State vs UC Irvine in the 80s with Rod Tueller coaching
Pro Soccer: Juventus vs Fiorentina with Alessandro Del Piero in the 90s

Gawd I'm old. :bangwall:

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Re: Sports Firsts

Post by 3rdGenAggie » October 27th, 2021, 9:03 am

MLB: Angels vs Twins in Anaheim, 2008. Mark Teixeira hit a 2-run homer in the 1st, Twins answered in the 2nd and that was it until the Twins won 3-2 in the 12th inning.
NFL: None yet
NHL: None yet
NBA: Jazz vs ??, 96 or 97
MLS: RSL vs ??, 08
International Soccer: USMNT vs Honduras, WC Qualifier 2013
NCAA Football: USU vs ??, early 90's. First opponent I remember for sure was Utah
NCAA Basketball: USU vs ??, early 90's

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Re: Sports Firsts

Post by BearLakeMonster » October 27th, 2021, 11:05 am

NBA: Utah Jazz vs. Milwaukee Bucks cir. 1985
PCL: Salt Lake City Gulls vs. ??? 1984
MLB: Colorado Rockies vs. Milwaukee Brewers 2004
NHL: None yet
IHL: Salt Lake Golden Eagles vs. ??? 1984
NCAA FB: U of U vs. Hawaii, 1986
NCAA BB: USU vs. ?? exhibition, 1993
NFL: None yet
MLS: None yet

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Re: Sports Firsts

Post by USUaggie » October 27th, 2021, 12:29 pm

MLB: Dodgers vs ?? 1978.
IHL: Salt Lake Golden Eagles vs ??. Late 70s or early 80s.
NFL: Denver vs. KC?? Early 90s preseason game.
NCAA FB: USU vs. ?? 1964 or 65- Bill Munson playing QB is 1st I remember
NCAA BB: USU vs ?? 1967 Shaylor Halimon is the 1st I remember.

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Re: Sports Firsts

Post by ncs53 » October 27th, 2021, 12:48 pm

MLB: An A's game 93-96ish that I don't remember
NCAA FB: Western Oregon @ UC Davis 2003
NBA: Hawks @ Spurs 2010
NCAA BB: Saint Mary's @ Utah State 2012
MLR: Glendale Raptors @ Utah Warriors 2018
NHL: Stars @ Golden Knights 2018

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Re: Sports Firsts

Post by USU78 » October 27th, 2021, 1:10 pm

My first pro game, albeit in preseason:
1971 Preseason Week 2

Saturday, August 14, 1971 - 10:00PM
Washington Redskins 17 vs
Denver Broncos 13
at Mile High Stadium, Denver, CO
2 brothers and I drove over to Denver with our father to see one of his old HS players play in his first game for the Broncos, Jim Turner. As we were driving towards the stadium, we ended up in kind of a sleazy part of Denver. I'll never forget stopping at a light and looking over to the left. There was a furniture store with a sign in the window: "Come in and b*** on our waterbeds."

BTW: Sonny Jurgensen really did have that big of a beer belly.

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Re: Sports Firsts

Post by aggieguy13 » October 27th, 2021, 1:18 pm

I'm sure some of you already know about this but this site is a fun way to track all the games you've been to. As far as I can remember:

MILB: Various Lancaster Jethawks games 1996
MLB: Cubs @ Padres 1997
NBA: Jazz @ Clippers 1999
MLS: Some RSL game 2010
International Soccer: Honduras @ USMNT 2013
NHL: Flyers @ Avalanche 2015
NFL: Jets @ Redskins preseason 2018

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Re: Sports Firsts

Post by Yossarian » October 27th, 2021, 2:03 pm

The first MLB game I went to was in Anaheim to watch the California Angels (I think they played the Twins, if I remember right). The first NBA game I have been to was to watch the Jazz play the Kings in a playoff game (I have only been to maybe 5 NBA games and only paid for one). I have never been to an NHL, NFL, or MLS game.

My oldest brother has been to a ton of games (and rock concerts). Maybe he is a little nuts, but he has kept every ticket stub from every sporting event, rock concert, and airline flight he has ever been on (at least he did when he got actual paper tickets - I'm not sure if he still does this). He had shoeboxes full of ticket stubs (and I assume memories, when he would look through them). He had the good fortune of not getting married until his mid/late 30's but still had good-paying jobs and nowhere to spend his money. He did the backpack through Europe tour and everything.

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Re: Sports Firsts

Post by abattoirag » October 27th, 2021, 4:10 pm

MLB: Mariners-Royals at the Kingdome 8/30/1990 - the first game that the Griffeys played together.
NHL: Blues-Rangers at the Kiel Center (STL) in 2000.
NBA: Jazz-Nuggets at the Delta Center 2001.
NFL: Packers-Bills preseason scrimmage at Lambeau Field 2005 (or 2007, I can’t remember).
MLS: RSL- Galaxy at Rio Tinto 2015.
NCAAF: Mizzou-Iowa State at Faurot Field (MU) 1997.
MBB: I can’t remember.

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Re: Sports Firsts

Post by Stucki » October 27th, 2021, 10:51 pm

MLB 1985 Dodger Stadium v Les Expos
NBA 1989? v. Spurs in Salt Palace Thanksgiving weekend
MLS 2005 RSL v. CRapids in Rice-Eccles
NCAAF 1979? ISU v. Montana? in Minidome 1st Utah State game was v. Idaho State with Bear Lake High NHS in I think 83?
NCAAB again with BLHS NHS at Spectrum in 80 something the OT game with BYU, I remember Kendall Youngblood was playing for the Ags, I don't remember who was playing for BYU which is ironic as this was my pre-repentance days
USMNT qualifying v. Costa Rica in Rice-Eccles

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Re: Sports Firsts

Post by pilotaggie » October 28th, 2021, 12:20 am

MLB - Padres vs ??? Late 90s - San Diego
NBA - Jazz vs Lakers 2009/10 - SLC
NFL - Seahawks vs Ravens 2012??? - Seattle
NHL - Knights vs oilers - Las Vegas
MLS - RSL vs ??? - SLC
NCAA BB - UNLV vs ???? 1990 - Las Vegas
NCAA FB - BYU vs Wyoming ??? - Las Vegas
March Madness 1 round - USU vs Arizona - Boise
Final Four 2008 San Antonio

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Re: Sports Firsts

Post by Coloraggie » October 28th, 2021, 1:57 pm

Fun exercise for my old brain. I know these aren't all my firsts but they are the first I can remember.

MLB - Angels vs. Twins in California. Rod Carew got his 3,000th career hit.
NBA - Jazz vs I don't know. Saw Pistol Pete Maravich play.
NFL - Chargers vs. Raiders, LA Coliseum, 1989 with scab players. Elvis 'Toast' Patterson got interception return for a TD to win the game for the Chargers.
NHL - Bruins vs. Canucks in Vancouver. Bourque scored a goal and the place erupted.
MLS - Colorado Rapids vs. ???? Couple of years ago.
NCAA FB - I don't think my first but memories of USU-BYU in Logan, 1984 with about a foot of snow.
NCAA BB - No idea. I did see some USU-UofU games in the 80's in Salt Lake with Greg Grant.

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Re: Sports Firsts

Post by GameFAQSAggie » October 28th, 2021, 7:15 pm

MLB: 1996 Reds VS. Rockies in Denver. I can still remember my and my brother hating a guy on the Reds that wouldn't give us a ball during batting practice before the game. We were in the nosebleeds, and there was a cotton candy vendor that everyone was tipping, so my dad gave in and tipped him as well. We also thought it was funny that we were talking about wondering if ushers would be strict about us moving down, cause instead, it rained so we would move up under the cover to keep out of the rain. We left opting not to wait for the rain delay to be over, then the game was eventually called. I also remember a Rockies player being called out on a close play and KNOWING the call was wrong cause they didn't show the replay on the video board.

NHL: 2001 Predators VS. Blues at Savvis Center, which would become named other things. After wanting to for years, I finally got to go a Blues game, and after how much I would stick out around Logan with my Blues Jersey(which I still have but looks small on me now) I got to fit right in wearing it there and even at the mall. It would be the last regular season game and fan appreciation day. My dad took me on that trip being more interested in seeing Hahn's Mill.

NBA: 1995 Jazz VS. Rockets First round playoff game. We would sit in literally the top row of the upper bowl. The Rockets got red hot shooting the 3 that night.

NFL: 2008 Eagles at 49ers at the old Candlestick Park. A saving grace of traveling to see that Aggies play as poorly at San Jose State as they did was going to that game to cheer for the Eagles, but Kevin Curtis was out with a sports hernia. Was sitting in front of Eagles fans who would take turns going to get beer. Saw the 49ers coach try to challenge a field goal being ruled good and lost the challenge. Fans outside the stadium were desperate for beer.

Aggies Football: 1994 VS. Utah. Utes quarterback was future NFL coach Mike McCoy while Aggies quarterback was Matt Wells.

Aggies Basketball: 1994 VS. Idaho State

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Re: Sports Firsts

Post by BamaAggie » October 28th, 2021, 7:57 pm

MLB: 2014 A’s @ Braves. Second to last season Braves played at Turner field. Huge upgrade since the moved across town!

NFL: Not yet, thinking about getting Falcon tix before season ends.

NBA: ‘95-ish. Clippers @ Jazz, Cavs @ Jazz. Can’t remember which was first, Jazz won both. Pre-logo change for the Jazz. Clips had a dude named Pooh Richardson.

NCAAB: First real memory was the end of Larry E’s. tenure going into Stew. We had Jorssen at C and we’d always start the game going to him in the post. First great Spectrum memory was capping the undefeated Big West season vs Boise. They had a dude named Abe Jackson. We pulled away in second half.

NCAAF: I think I was Romney for the ‘93 shootout vs BYU. I KNOW I was there for games vs CS Northridge and Pacific, those were a couple years later. Still remember getting mad at my mom for not letting me go to Oregon St. game. It was a downpour that game and I was sick. Still mad about it.

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Re: Sports Firsts

Post by NowhereLandAggie » October 29th, 2021, 9:59 am

NCAA Football-BYU v Wyoming 1995. I was given tickets, rode a UTA bus down to the game with my cousin, and attended. It was the first year before the 16 team WAC. I have some memories of older fans passing around a story of Steve Young's divine heritage and strange way many of the fans acted.

NCAA Basketball-BYU v Eastern Washington, probably 1994. Our YM/YW groups were given tickets to attend a game so we went with other kids in the small town I grew up in.

NBA-UT Jazz vs Denver Nuggets 1996. My dad took me, he wasn't as interested in it as I was, but it was a way that we could spend a night out together. It was a fun evening.

I have gone to some minor league baseball games with the Bees, but never MLB. No NFL or NHL either.

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Re: Sports Firsts

Post by tysteve20 » October 29th, 2021, 11:29 pm

NCAA football/NCAA MBB/NBA: all within the first month of my life. Oct 1995
NFL: Cowboys at Cardinals 2017
MLB: Diamondbacks vs ??~2001
NHL: Minnesota Wild at Anaheim ducks 2017
MLS: RSL vs ?? Inaugural season 2005

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Re: Sports Firsts

Post by Mr. Sneelock » November 2nd, 2021, 12:30 pm

NBA: Don't remember exactly, but it was the Utah Jazz in the early 80s in the Salt Palace. Might have been the Celtics or the Rockets. I can't remember which was first.
NCAA Basketball: BYU vs. UTEP in Provo in the mid-80s
Aggie Football: vs. BYU in Logan 1993 (58-56)
Aggie Basketball: Aggies vs. Simon Frasier or somebody like that - 1994
NCAA Football: Utah vs. Somebody (Wyoming maybe?) in the mid-80s
MLB: Dodgers vs. Astros 1997 - Hideo Nomo pitched for the Dodgers, and Daryl Kile (RIP) pitched for the Astros.
NFL: Never been.
NHL: Never been.
Golf: US Open 2008 (Tiger wins over Rocco Mediate in playoff - might be Tiger's signature career moment).

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Re: Sports Firsts

Post by GeoAg » November 2nd, 2021, 1:01 pm

NBA: Jazz games early 80s in the Salt Palace against the Pistons. Pre-Malone and Stockton. Dantley was the man and Rickey Green was the fastest of them all
NCAA Basketball: Earliest memory is a tourney game in the Marriott Center that Georgetown and Patrick Ewing played in. Did that really happen? Kid behind me wet his pants and peed on my hat
Aggie Football: Loss in Provo to the one true team in 1983. I was a zoobie back then. When I became a man I set aside childish things
Aggie Basketball: Idaho State in the Spectrum in 2001 with Downtown Tony Brown shooting the lights out
NCAA Football: Bowling Green at the one true team in 1983. See above for my explanation
MLS: Ummmm, can't remember
Golf: Don't care

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Re: Sports Firsts

Post by SeattleAg » November 2nd, 2021, 1:14 pm

NFL: Seahawks - Cards 2013 - The only home game the Hawks lost during their SB run.
MLB: Mariners - someone 2009 or 2010 - Can't remember which game I went to first. M's probably lost.
Pro Baseball: Hanshin Tigers - (forgot) 2003 - Japanese pro baseball is the best.
NBA: Jazz - Blazers 1999? - First round playoff game. I think it was the last year the Jazz made a good run before the Kings started eliminating them. I want to say I saw a regular season game as well, but I can't remember.
MLS: Sounders - Galaxy 2009 - Booing Landon Donovan was fun.
Other soccer: Kyoto Purple Sanga - (forgot) 2012?? - Just for entertainment. I have seen one 2nd Division J League game. Kyoto lost, sadly.
NHL: Hoping to catch the Kraken this year.
College: went to a ton of BYU, Ricks, and probably even Idaho St. games long ago. No clue who or what was first.
USU: Couldn't tell you who the opponents were, but first seasons were 1995-6 for both. I was in the band, so went to every home game. Saw BYU-USU in Logan, cheering for the wrong team, the year that Ty Detmer was playing and there was a fight. I remember nothing else, and even what I said is spotty.

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